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Wink SEO is a Search Engine Optimization company that can take you and your customer’s company to the first page of Google. We have the most advanced program available for web designers, web developers, and SEO Consultants who are looking for an ethical solution to boost their PageRank in Google.

What sets us apart from the other SEO companies is that we offer the purest white-hat form of organic search results by using a program created and implemented by WINK SEO’s founder and team of developers. The program is called TAP (Target Advertising Platform) and it’s the SEO Platform of choice among local SEO Professionals since 2008. Within days, websites will realize more traffic, more calls, more sales, and profitability. This promise is backed by a 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Resell SEO Services

If you’re looking for residual income for your marketing efforts, TAP is the perfect solution for you! TAP is a White Label CMS-SEO Platform; 100% White Hat SEO friendly; Off page optimization features; On page optimization features; Updates content feeds 24/7; Addresses content requirements; and keeps your content fresh. We will be happy to discuss this further with you in depth or you can visit our website for more information at You can amaze your clients with the results they will get by using our program. TAP ensures your clients will gain valuable geographical results by managing old and new text, and by adding pages and articles that supply fresh content and by adding relevant RSS Feeds and social media posts.

Geographical Optimization is a way to directly target business, and it places you on the map, literally. This type of marketing is the method used by search engines and social media to determine where you’re searching from, so they can provide you with the most relevant organic search results on a specific location such as a country, region/state, city, post/zip code, etc. By building a larger presence on the Internet, you will become more visible with the big three Internet search engines. LikedIn, Facebook, Google Places, Twitter, Blogs—any social network where you provide content and information about your customer’s company is going to help you with your ranking, but you can’t depend on these social media to go it alone. That is why you will truly benefit from using TAP. This, along with our services, will help you to keep your customers on the first page!

TAP was created for true-blooded local SEO professionals and web designers. Your customers will receive geographical search results in minutes with our program and they are guaranteed to stay in the top rankings. If you have any questions about our services, you are guaranteed an immediate response. Please give us a call today to learn how you can become your customers’ biggest asset by placing and keeping them on the first page of the major three search engines. At WINK SEO, we are always “turning a search into a sale!”

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