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"Using this system will not only compliment your SEO practices but it will completely out perform them."

“Where do I begin? Simply put, the Wink SEO platform has not only reduced my man hours, but it works better than if I did everything by hand! The ingenuity of this product is like no other. Every other SEO organization talks all day about back links. You can kiss those wasted man hours building directories and blog articles goodbye! The Wink SEO mastermind has discovered and mainstreamed a new factor in SEO, and that is making your site active in the sight of Google. Using this system will not only compliment your other SEO practices but it will completely out perform them.

Although the system is amazing, the best part about the system is actually the insight and guidance of Blake S. He is like having a whole SEO department at your disposal. I can’t say enough great things about him. His fees are worth his mentoring alone." Thomas Johnson

Wink SEO has done wonders for our business. A few weeks after implementing their service in our website a1printerrepairs.com. we have been getting 2 to 3 new prospective customers per day, every day.

Now I have just recently started a new service page and implemented Wink SEO service with that page. Those pages are getting indexed and cached by Google and we are getting calls for that service.

As a matter-of-fact our Website designer just informed me that he has a client that wants to be on the first page for his keywords like our site. He is seeing our site http://a1printerrepairs.com popup everywhere for the keywords he is checking. Thank you Wink SEO!

Steven C.

I use this tool for my clients to charge per location. I give my clients different pricing options for a 25 mile radius, 50 mile radius, separate Zip codes, multiple Cities, counties or states.

It’s called TAP, it took me a little time to learn how to use it. When you set everything up it then creates a zip file that you unpack in the root directory and then you are done. I promise my clients results in 30 days. They all have been happy so far. By creating multiple pages using this platform each page also is seen by the search engines as a backlink. So you create backlinks and give the website more options to be found from the search results. This Makes things allot easier for me. I just thought I would share. SEO Forum: xsmokertoheathnut, V.I.P Member

After 30 days the results started with a trickle and 6 months later a steady stream of calls.

I would like to take a minute to tell you about Blake Schiller and Wink SEO. It took me 5 five frustrating years of trial and error to find him. Within 2 weeks I had a new site built and released to the search engines. After 30 days the results started with a trickle and 6 months later a steady stream of calls. Further during this time Blake is always doing research to improve the keywords he optimizes for you. What I like most is how he answers you calls personally and can make changes to the site as needed in a day or so. Further, when he does make what might seems be a small change on one page is automatically changed in the thousands of pages his software makes for you. The result is, in my experience, a 1st page presence all over the counties, cities and zip codes in my geographical area. Finally what impresses me most is his honesty. He will not promise something that he cannot deliver and always explains how and why the search relevancy would react or not. Google has made some extreme changes in the last 12 months and my results have not been effected. I would highly recommend Blake and Optimum Seo to family, friends and the like.

Your Truly,
Mark T.

Because of Optimum seo I now have a 15 person call center and I am selling TAP full time now for a living!

I found Optimum SEO through an internet search on Google in a matter of minutes. I am an international call center consultant I charge my clients a fee to do all of the leg work and research to design and open telemarketing companies. I handle all types of Marketing from Press 1 Campaigns, Radio calls and etc.. This time I wanted to open my own call center to sell advertising to business owners. I was looking for a new product that really worked. The SEO industry intrigued me but I never could find anyone who could really get websites placed on Google’s front page. Everyone had a story of how well they did but could never show results. So I knew that someone or some company out there has the ability to place websites on the front page of Google, Yahoo and Bing and I found it! His name is Blake Schiller from www.winkseo.com

Blake called me after I filled out his lead form on his website (By the way I found him on the front page under SEO reseller) asking for information on his SEO reseller deal. Once he got in touch I expressed to him I had a bad experience with another company and was a bit skeptical. Blake gave me the run down and told me he would build me a free reseller site to get me started. Well I woke up the next day and the site was built I was like WOW this guy is good and fast. So now before I opened my call center I said ok I am going to test Blake out. Before I invest any of my own money into a call center I want to see results. I know I can sell but can the product be fulfilled? So I picked up a ring central VoIP business phone ($130.00 investment) and started calling through Yahoo and Google pay per click ads. In 3 days I got my first sale a carpet cleaning guy in Denver CO . I sold this guy for $299.00 per month just to do a test ( if it didn’t work I was going to refund him his money ) I gave Blake the FTP Access to SEO my client’s website. My client had a site from WEB.com so Blake called me and said “No Problem” just grab a new URL and set up a hosting account for the client. So I did. 7 days after the site was done ( which took Blake less then 24 hours to do ) I got a call from the client . I thought he was going to cancel but this is what he said to me “Hey I got a job booked today from that new website yawl built!” I said to my client “Are you sure it was from our work I just got you set up a week ago?” He said yes “I asked the lady where she found I and she gave me the new web address you guys got for me. I couldn’t believe it so I checked myself and its already on front page of Google! So before I was able to call Blake he sent me a placement email and sure enough my client had over 25 front page Google Placements in less than 7 days of submitting the urls to Google! Blake, His Company and His software are amazing and He takes calls after hours and does the work very fast. Because of Blake I now have a 15 person call center and I am selling Blakes product full time now for a living! Blake is the MANNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Lee

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